Tuesday, March 21, 2017

BOGO Spring Sale

Buy one get one free on the regular price of ALL workshops!
Now-April 1 at midnight
Just email me with your selections and I will
send you the discount invoice through Paypal!
There is no quantity limit and the discount is
taken off the lower priced workshop
email:  meganksuarez@yahoo.com

Happy Creating! -Megan

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Make Art & Live Happy Series-episode 4, Jump rope journal page

Episode 4 is now available!!
Join me and create this journal page!
Only $5

Episode 4- $5

Saturday, February 25, 2017

31 Days Of Cute & Creepy Workshop

This workshop is all about the cute & creepy.
I will be making lots of big eye moody girls
and her equally moody friends.
We will be making 31 little paintings
in ATC size 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 and postcard size 4x6.
These can easily be adapted to fit any size 
and supplies you would like.
This workshop is packed with drawing and painting.
There is no spoken instruction but I 
will clearly show every step so you can
recreate these paintings.
Detailed supplies will be listed on every video
if you want to duplicate the colors.
I will be using Copic markers
and watercolors by Daniel Smith,
Jane Davenport, & Twinkling H20s
The regular workshop fee is $85 but
sign up now and save $15 with the early bird discount.
The workshop starts on March 1!

Early Bird $70

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Whimsy Girls Love, Friendship, & Gratitude Workshop

In this workshop we will be creating
3 mixed media canvas paintings
as well as drawing a group of girls
that you can finish up however you like.
We are using a mix of Copic markers,
acrylic paints, pattern papers,
and glitters.
I had so much fun making these 
girls and I hope you will join me!
The first video is now posted and 
all of the other videos are in the process
of posting now and should be
finished by tomorrow.
The regular workshop fee is $45 but
sign up now and save $15 with
the early bird discount until Sunday Feb. 26 
at midnight.

Early bird $30

Friday, February 3, 2017

A few new projects have posted for
 31 Days Of Whimsy Girls And Animal Friends workshop. 
 I'm having to much fun with them and I wanted to share.
 Don't forget that the BOGO sale is going on right now so it's
 a great time to join your favorite workshops! 
Just email me with your selections at meganksuarez@yahoo.com
 & I will send you the discount invoice.
 Offer good through Sunday!

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Make Art & Live Happy Series

I've been wanting to start up this new workshop series for so long!
I'm excited to finally make it happen.
I have had a lot of little paintings and projects in my head
that I want to share but I really didn't want to create an entire
workshop for them. I needed a way to compile these projects in
a way I could manage easily and add to as I wanted.
So I'm starting my Make Art & Live Happy Series.
Each episode is available individually. 
You can pick & choose each project episode you want to join.
And the best part is each episode is only $5 & downloadable
so you can watch them over & over and work at your own pace.
Having time with my house quiet with so many people
running around and a dog barking makes filming interesting.
So this series will be showing everything step by step
but without spoken word. I will have all supplies listed
with brands & colors so they can be duplicated exactly if you wish.
I have the first 3 episodes ready to go & I hope you all join me & 
have a blast drawing and painting with me!

Episode 1-Frida 4x6 
workshop fee $5

Episode 2- Artist Trading Cards
workshop fee $5

Episode 3-Be Mine Monster 4x6
workshop fee $5

31 Days Of Whimsy Girls And Animal Friends Workshop

Join me for this fun new workshop!
We will be drawing & painting 31 different projects
in 4x6 postcard size & 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 ATC size
These can easily be adjusted to fit journal pages &
any size you would like.
I will show you everything step by step
but without spoken word. There is
also detailed lists of supplies on each project video
so they can easily be duplicated.
We will be making super cute Whimsy Girls
and adorable animal friends.
I will be using a combination of Copic Markers
and watercolor paints. 
My watercolors are a mix of
Twinkling H20s, Daniel Smith Watercolors,
and the new Jane Davenport watercolors!
The workshop starts this Friday Jan. 28
Sign up now and save $15 with the early bird discount.

Regular Workshop Fee $85
Early Bird Fee $70

Friday, November 18, 2016

Frida Art Dolls Workshop

I have been itching to do this workshop for
over a year now & I'm so excited to be putting it together!
These dolls are some of my most favorite things
I've ever made. The entire process of creating them
and seeing the completed dolls was a joy!
We will be completing 2 gorgeous Frida dolls
that are made sculpting with oven bake clay,
acrylic paints, and fabrics.
Since these are using Sculpy oven bake clay
you are able to complete them in your own home
without a kiln and tons of supplies.
We will be handpainting these dolls and I will
give step by step instruction every step of the way.
We will also be sewing her a pretty removeable skirt
that can be machine sewn or hand sewn. So it's okay
if you do not have a sewing machine. 
I will provide a little tutorial on hand stitching her skirt.
We will be doing a regular Frida doll and also
a Day of the Dead Frida doll.
These dolls can be easily altered if you choose to not
make your in the likeness of Frida Kahlo.
These are perfect for gift giving & to enjoy in your own collection.
We will be starting the workshop on Dec. 1 so we can have our dolls
completed in time for the holidays in case you want to
use yours as gifts.
The regular workshop fee is $85 but sign up early and
save $15 until Dec. 1

Early bird fee $70

Monster Stuffies Workshop

This workshop is going to be so much fun!
I love making this silly little monster dolls and
I think you will too!
In this workshop we will be making patterns,
sewing monsters dolls, stuffing,
painting, and adding little details to create
this cute and creepy little monsters.
We will be completing 4 dolls in this workshop
and I'm sure it will spark a whole group of
creative little creatures.
These make a fun and unique gift for the holidays
so I am starting this workshop on December 1 so
we all have time to complete them for gift giving!
The regular workshop fee is $65 but sign up early
and save $15. Early bird pricing is available until Dec. 1
keep in mind this is a doll making workshop not
a "learn to sew" workshop.
I will not be teaching how to use your machine.
There is no complicated sewing but you will need to know
the basics of how to use a machine.
If you do not have a sewing machine these dolls can be made
with a needle and thread and some patience. I will do a quick
stitching tutorial for those that are hand sewing their monsters.

Early bird fee $50